If you follow me on twitter, you know of my slightly obsessive love for baked goods, cupcakes and SCONES! in particular.  I happen to think cupcakes have magic or at least some inherent quality that puts a smile on people’s faces every time they bite into one.

Seriously. You ever seen someone eat a cupcake angrily? Right.

So this post is actually about SCONES! which you must say out loud, in all caps and punctuated with an exclamation point every time. Due to a missing camera, I do not have fun pictures of my recent baking adventure, but I thought I’d link the recipes I’ve tried here for you to indulge.

Coffeehouse Scones from Joy of Baking – crumby and soft and sweet all over! This is definitely my go-to recipe. As with most things, it gets easier the more times you make it and everyone who’s had a bite (or six!) love it.  It goes great with coffee, too. Yup.

King Arthur Flour’s take on Starbucks Vanilla Scones – the trick is to freeze the batter for a bit. This actually goes against traditional methods, as scones are said to be the fastest breads on earth and freezing the mix kinda slows down the process. But it does make for a high-rising scone.  I tried mine without the chocolate chips and it came out deliciously!

Ina Garten’s Cranberry Orange Scones - this is a rather involved recipe, but totally worth the wait and the mess you will surely make.  It’s also the first batch of scones I made because that’s how I roll. Complicated and alladat.  It came out amazing. Cranberry and orange are such a great couple.

If you bake a batch of any of these, hollatchagurl. If you are ever in the Los Angeles area, hollatchagurl and I’ll come bring you a cupcake to enjoy.  Have a great day!

PS: I say SCONES! as in BONES but some people say SCONES! as in GONE. Scone, scone. It’s all the same in my belly! ;)

King – The Story EP

I’ve been excited about this release since I first discovered them yesterday morning! These Los Angeles based women are incredibly talented and I can’t wait to see them perform.


From their bio:

THE STORY EP is KING’s debut project, wherein all songs are written by Paris, Amber, and Anita, and fully produced by Paris. THE STORY, SUPERNATURAL, and HEY are the result of a year’s worth of loving and learning, experiencing and experimenting, and ultimately finding the music within themselves.

Purchase The Story on Amazon, follow them on Twitter and support good music!

Lwa, A Chorus of Voices

I do love a good KickStarter project! Daye Rogers is a filmmaker in training here in Los Angeles. Her film, Lwa, A Chorus of Voices, tells the story of young Odessa, a Haitian in diaspora, negotiating the space after her mothers death, before her womanhood all underneath the memory and aftermath of Haiti’s 2010 earthquake.

It’s kind of amazing.

I’m art directing this film – the first time I’ve ever done something like this. I’m excited Daye brought me on to the project! Stories like these are crucial to our idea that Brown Is Beautiful. One more line to our proof.

Support Daye’s work today: Lwa, A Chorus of Voices.

We’re Back!

Several weeks ago, I took the site down because I wanted to do a quick update of some wonky pages over a couple of hours.

Those few hours turned into days and weeks after I basically crashed the site.

As bad as it was, I made it a point not to panic. Things you can’t control happen when they’re supposed to. Also, I’m a computer programmer. Crashing is my game.

But I couldn’t leave y’all without a dope beat to step to!

So here we are, heading towards the middle of Black History month. Our digital hair and nails are all done and we’re ready to rock.

Thank you for supporting the movement. Brown Is Beautiful!

Ann D!

Happy New Year Beautiful Brown People!

For whatever reason, a new year fills humans with hope and excitement. It’s quirky, isn’t it? The chance to “start over” is given to us not once a year, but every day. Every moment is filled with opportunities to change, to be better people, to love more and fear less. As you enter your 2011, remember that where you are right now is the sum of where you were 365 yesterdays ago.

So, put on your future-seeing goggles and dream of what and where you want to be December 31st, 2011. Then, dream bigger. Everything is possible!

Happy 2011 beautiful brown people!