Mambu Badu – Memory

Mambu Baduthe photography collective featured earlier on Afrolicious – have released their inaugural edition entitled Memory.

Featuring work by Yodith Dammlash, Nkechi Ebubedike, Jennifer Noelle Everett, Nikita Gale, Tonika Johnson, and Sheree R. Swann, this introspective edition shows us memories in the form of photograph from the eyes of women of African descent.

Because it’s created by Black women and for Black women, I get a distinct feeling of intimacy within a genre where we are constantly struggling to prove our worth. I feel honored to be a part of this visual conversation and elated that people showed up. It’s all rather powerful, especially as the photos are placed against each photographer’s words and phrases from authors including Kasi Lemmons, Zora Neale Hurston, Zadie Smith, Angela Shannon and Toni Morrison.

According to the collective description, “Mambu Badu” is an adaptation of the KiSwahili phrase “Mambo Bado” which is loosely translated as “the best has yet to come. This is a solid beginning and I can’t wait to see what’s next.

Have you had a chance to view the magazine? What were your favorite pieces? Let the women know! This work is hard, but necessary and they’ve done an amazing job!


Notes On Love

photo by Refracted Moments

I’ve been having a very transformative year. By transformative, I mean really, really, difficult. Part of it is about growing up and becoming a woman (whatever she looks like). And another part of it is walking by faith in God, in the spirit He’s placed within me and in my self. A whole ‘nother part of of it is making smarter decisions.

Through the fear, the tears, the laughter and the smiles, there’s one constant theme I have and that’s love. I am loved, by my sister who left chocolate covered espresso beans in my car this morning. I am loved by my Dad who’s trying to hunt down the poor souls who broke into my car yesterday. I am loved by my Mommy who’s always checking in with me emotionally. I am loved by my brother who sprays that smelly Axe deodorant thingy everywhere. I am loved by my other sister who constantly helps out with Ankara & Lace production. I am loved by my *other* sister who’s also checking in on me from like a million miles away.

I’m loved by @Mdotwrites who keeps me in her world and keeps asking me if I’m eating and sleeping and sends me articles that inform my scheming. I’m loved by my boss, Patty, who stayed with me through the whole fiasco yesterday and even went looking through trashcans for my things. I’m loved by coworkers like Kim and Vanessa and Damon who are constantly affirming me and the work we do here in Los Angeles.

And I love them. My family. Most of everything I do is for them. And I suspect it’s the same way with them.

This is God’s work. This transformative love. This love that struggles with you. This love that is transparent and real and tangible.

I hope you know you are loved. And, I hope you know I love you.

Yes, you.



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