Gael Ruboneka’s Beautiful Photographs

I was mesmerized by these beautiful shots of simple grass taken by Gael Ruboneka of Illume Creative Studio. The light is just magic.

Enjoy the shots below and follow Gael on twitter to see more through his eyes. Illume Creative Studio is always producing great things, too. Make sure to follow them on twitter and check out their curated space on tumblr.


Love on A Sunday Afternoon

This gorgeous film by Jamila Glass – producer, writer, and director – features the choreography of Adam Pearson and a cast of beautiful, brown people moving to Janelle Monae’s “Say You’ll Go”. Did I mention it was gorgeous?

Jamila is herself a dancer and writes about her art that “I am a better filmmaker because I am a dancer and I am a better dancer because I am a filmmaker.”

Enjoy her video above and view her other work on her YouTube channel.


Dear Creator: Always Be Creating

Always Be Creating

I am so excited about the creators’ workshop series we are planning to host this fall. If you are someone who makes something with anything, whether it’s performing or fine arts, visual or written, sung or played, then you are a creator. And you should always be creating.

My personal philosophy is that we must start living in the world we want to live in – the way we want to live – right now. I want to live in a world where creators are supported, encouraged and challenged to grow and to always be creating. As brown people, we have so many stories we have to get out, so many platforms and 21st century institutions to build so our children and their children (and their children!) can live better lives.

Creating when our culture champions the consumer is a simple act of resistance and once those simple acts start to build up, we’ll look around one day and realize we really, truly, were the change we wanted to see.

So this week, be deliberate about creating something, or finishing up that something you started creating a while ago. And if you feel so inclined, let me know about it in the comments!