A Story of Intimacy: Wangechi Mutu and Pegasus Warning ‘Try So Hard’


The amazing Erica (@egemini618) linked me to the exclusive okayafrica interview with Kenyan visual artist Wangechi Mutu. She is credited as the artistic director for Pegasus Warning’s ‘Try So Hard’ video, which you can see below. The effect of their collaboration is a gorgeous visual and auditory exploration. Careful! This is one hot video.

Wangechi Mutu tells okayafrica she was inspired by Rodin’s sculptures and, truly, the actors look like a moving sculptures. Gorgeous is just the beginning.

To be fair, she had some help from the equally as inspiring music of Pegasus Warning. Afropunk describes his voice as ‘soft and sultry’, which Wangechi Mutu artistic vision matches (seemingly) effortlessly. The effect is a moving story of intimacy and the tensions of lust.

Pegasus Warning is led by Guillermo E. Brown and ‘Try So Hard’, he sings:

I want you to want me everyday.
And I try so hard, I try to get away.
And I’m trying just to tell you, with the silences of me,
That I’d really like to feel you, but it’s more than I can take.

Yeah. Hot.

Check out Pegasus Warning on Plug Research, on PegasusWarning.net and enjoy the video and slideshow below.