50 Beautiful Brown Blogs: The Creative Lifestyle Edition

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This week on Afrolicious.com we’re featuring our favorite blogs by, of, and for all sorts of Brown people. You see, we know the creative web can be a very white place, but if you know where to look, you can be inspired by all things Brown and beautiful. All these links and more are available on the Afrolicious Network as well.

Here are 8 blogs that showcase the creative lifestyle through the eyes of Brown people:

1. Harlem Loves is a “style-stalking, literature-loving, people-perusing, music-monitoring, art-appreciating, gadget-gazing, tresstastic” curated by a London-based woman (nick)named Harlem. She recently relaunched this destination for art, design, beauty, entertainment and more and delivers the coolest features for your super-cool 21st century Brown life. Her shop is coming soon and we’ll be sure to keep you updated on that.

2. Get Togetha is a “modern, stylish, [and]charming” blog that “inspires you to live.” I love it! It was one of the first lifestyle blogs from the Brown woman perspective I came across several years ago and she’s still bringing the style! I even bought her ebook “Blog Your Passion” which helped me to launch this and a couple of other projects around the web.

3. Society HAE is “a point of convergence for the creative community across the globe.” Originally a brick and mortar destination in Brooklyn, Society HAE (which stands for Harriet’s Alter Ego) is now an online collection of artists, designers, musicians and all sorts of creatives. From their Afrika21 radio show to the up and coming SHAE TV, Society HAE is delivering and archiving great content from the Brown world.

4. YMIB stands for You make It Beautiful and was the first creative lifestyle blog I came across on the Internets years ago. Now it’s a Facebook page, but it still has the feel of the collective it once was. Things grow and change as people grow and change, but I hope YMIB makes a comeback sometime!

5. Single Bubble Pop is a creative, art and design inspiration archive of Niki McNeill, a Georgia-based designer and artist. She mixes in pieces that inspire with glimpses of her very creative life, and the site has served as a chronicle of her journey through design school. Also, it’s blogspot based, which shows that all you really need is great, consistent content to have a great blog.

6. Kriss Did It is Krystle Nicole’s personal style blog. I “met” her over twitter a few weeks ago and I can’t get over her style! I love the energy and the smiles. She covers everything from outfits to hair to events with her personal flair. (Hi Kriss!)

7. That GOOD GOOD Blog covers “all which is completely, genuinely, and most definitely fly.” Fashion, music, and the events that bring them together are covered in this blog. Creator Dee showcases the people who are at the front and center of their own creative movements.

8. Get it Girl Style is the online version of founder Tamara Style’s creative life. Her classy style plus her fashion finds make this a great place to get inspired.

Thanks to everyone on twitter who helped point me in the direction of some of these blogs! Do you know of more lifestyle blogs from the Brown perspective? Drop the links in the comments or post them up at the Afrolicious Network where you can also find these links!

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About the Author

Ann Daramola is the publisher and curator-in-chief of Afrolicious. She has been curating and archiving Black cyborg artifacts of the Africas and Black Diasporas since 2008.

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