Witnessing Through Dignity

There are many, many stories about Africa floating around in our histories, our conversations, our media. Thanks to the internet, these stories are now converging in a set of crucial moments, allowing us to constantly question and critique them on each encounter. This section of Afrolicious is an attempt to use the intense focus on a part of Africa to aggregate and curate the voices from the countries in and the diaspora of the Horn of Africa.

At Afrolicious, we want to do this with as much dignity as possible. Africa, you must know, is not a homogenous entity waiting for the aid of outsiders to bring it into the 21st century. No; the stories are multiple, rich and they are there. We hope you join this process of curating, archiving, aggregating and, above all, listening to the stories from this part of Africa. We encourage you to add your voice to the mix and, if you can, to donate to your choice of one of the many organizations working to feed the 13 million people affected by the drought.